Hard to Write Coz Hard to Know

I have not writing recently.

My mind is empty, my mind is close to death.

Seeing prostitution is a slow icing up of my soul – but I will reach and drag out the silence.

I want to write this silence – silencing of my memories and truths, silencing by the sex trade who wants all that happens to the prostituted to be unspeakable, unwritable – therefore nothing is happening to no-one.

To speak into that silence as an exited woman is terrifying, but shopping the sex trade and its consumers is essential.

We need to see the sex trade and punters with a clear eye, as we need to know what it is to be prostitution is if we truly when real change and justice for the prostituted.

All too often Abolitionists and their supporters speak in vague terms about the conditions – mustn’t frighten the horses with too much reality.

This is just what the sex trade lobby want, that we do not speak to what is done to the bodies and minds of the prostituted, that power imbalance is hidden, that the scale of male violence to the prostituted is made invisible.

Also the multiple voices of exited women is not foregrounded enough by the Abolitionist movement.

Exited women are the experts, their words and truths are battering ram to destroy the sex trade at its roots.

To see the sex trade as it is hard for their propaganda is everywhere – in all forms of media or entertainment, in education, in politics, in all aspects of cultures.

To speak to what it is to be prostituted is challenge that propaganda.

We must see that to be prostituted is to never know safety, and to lose your sense of being fully human.

There is no such thing as safe prostitution – there never was, and will not be in any future.

How can prostitution be safe when we see the power imbalance?

What is meant by safety when it is normal that prostituted women are killed or disappeared at a scale of at less 12 times more than women of similar age and background.

Hell, it could be 40 times more that prostituted women are just killed or disappeared.

What is shocking and unforgivable is the scale of this male violence goes unrecorded, so become unspeakable and silenced.

This is not an accident, this is crafted by the profiteers of the sex trade and their many powerful supporters.

The sex trade has had centuries to learn how to make invisible this destruction of prostituted, it may be the oldest genocide in history.

Now it is hidden beside illusions that what happens inside the closed doors of prostitution is chosen and is framed as work.

Therefore it something goes too far, such as a punter kills a prostitute, such as a prostituted woman commits suicide, such as there is gang-rapes, or clearly underaged prostituted girls – this is never the fault of the sex trade, just wrong choices or ignorance of the prostituted.

The sex trade is skilled at slight of hand.

Yes, the sex trade is packaging women and girls as consumable sexual goods in the right hand – but look, at those empowered, liberated sex workers in the left hand.

Do not fall for this trick, see the male violence is the poison seething into every part of the sex trade.

Now see with a clear what it is punters are buying.

Punters are not paying for a relationship or authentic sexual contact – they want power and full control over the prostituted.

That is when they buy a prostitute, she is no longer allow to be human, just holes for punters to masturbate into.

So to be prostituted is to be a living porn doll.

This means that punters will do every form of mental, physical or sexual violence to the prostituted women – including anal raping, water boarding, and the destruction of her essence.

To be prostituted is closed away from basic human to safety, and to human dignity.

To be prostituted is lose what it is to be human – to become only what others want or need you to be.

So if we are to bring real change we must stop saying prostitution is work, that prostitution can be made safe enough to ignore.

To see prostitution as it is, then listen to exited women.

That is a good start.

Published by Rebecca Mott

I am exited prostituted woman who is now an Abolitionist. I am interested in exploring fragmented memory and other parts of living inside trauma. I use my personal as an example of the common violence that is prostitution. This is a huge human rights issue, not a labour issue.

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